Fax2Email is a great way to save time and money in fax management. Firstly, you are able to receive your faxes directly to your email inbox and you can access your faxes from anywhere in the world using fax2email. Secondly because your faxes are sent to your computer email, you can view your faxes privately and you can save money using fax2email by only printing out the faxes that you need copies of.

Fax2email also offers you the ability to forward faxes to other email addresses and you can sign up as many free fax2email accounts as you like, you will need to use the fax2email as set out in our terms to keep the number. Fax2email users.

Fax2email is very easy to use. When a client sends you a fax, they fax2email system converts the fax to an email attachment and forwards it to your email address.

Get a free fax2email account in South Africa now, sign up using the fax2email signup form above.




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