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Features of fax to email

Save Money

Save money in various ways using Fax2Email over traditional fax methods. Fax2Email can save you money by reducing the costs of toner, paper, owning a fax machine, renting a dedicated fax line, sending fax costs, costs associated with faxing if you move offices, costs for multiple fixed line rentals and more! read more

Get Faxes Anywhere

Get your faxes from anywhere that you have internet access using your computer and Fax2Email. That right, all you need is a computer and internet access / email access and you can access your faxes. No need to rush back to the office to get your faxes! read more

Fax to Email vs Fax Machine

Fax2Email has many benefits over traditional fax machines such as savings on paper and toner, 24/7 availability, no engaged tone, no additional hardware needed (only PC and email, pdf, tiff viewer). It is more eco-friendly, offers fax viewing in privacy and more. read more

Fax to Email Inbox Privacy

Fax2Email offers the receiver more privacy that a centralised office fax machine. Using Fax2Email means that you will receive faxes on your personal computer / email. Your faxes will therefor be printed out on a shared fax machine in your office for others to view. read more

Eco Firendly Fax Solution

Fax2Email is eco-friendly, with less paper and toner required to view faxes. This is because you do not need to print out every incoming fax to view them when you use fax to email. Rather view the pdf or tif on your computer screen and only print the faxes you really need copies of. read more

Quick Setup - Easy to Use

Fax2Email is very quick to sign up for and use. Simply complete the Fax2Email sign up form above and click register. You will be taken to a page and a Fax2Email number will be automatically assigned to you. Once activated you will get your faxes in your email inbox. read more

Fax to E-mail Efficiency

Fax2Email is a great way for you to save time in fax management. Not only can you receive and read your faxes on your computer wherever you can get your email, but you can also quickly read them without having to print them and make decisions. read more

Fax to Email as Scanner

You can use your Fax to Email number as a scanner. Simply fax yourself a copy of whatever document you need in digital format and you receive a copy in your email inbox. This is very simple, but convenient way to make a copy or digitize a fax. read more

Fax to Email Benefits

There are many reasons for getting a Fax to Email number. For example, by using Fax to Email you are able to view faxes privately on your own computer, save money by not needing to print each and every fax that you receive and view faxes wherever you have access to your email, plus many more... read more

How Free Fax To Email Works

Watch this free fax to email number video! This video will explain to you how free fax to email numbers work enabling you to use fax to email numbers rather than the old fax machine that costs you time and money to run! read more