Get Faxes Anywhere

Get your faxes from anywhere that you have internet access using your computer. That's right, all you need is a computer and internet access / email access and you can access your faxes.

-    No need to rush back to the office to get your faxes!
-    No worrying that you can’t access your faxes while away!
-    Forward faxes easily!

Get faxes when you are out of the office:
If you are out and about and are expecting that important fax, there is no need to rush back or phone in to get someone else to check your faxes. Simply log in to your email wherever you are if you have email access and check your faxes. Easily forward the faxes should you need to!

Get faxes when you are on a business trip or holiday:
If you are planning a business trip, no need to worry about your faxes. Use fax to email and access you faxes while you are way on business. Faxes will arrive to your inbox no matter where you are!

Easily forward your faxes on the move:
Easily forward your faxes to anyone that may need copies by simply using email / attachment forwarding.