Fax to Email Benefits

Why get a South African Fax to Email number?

Below are a few reasons why it may be a good idea to get a fax to email for your business or for personal use. Fax to email is a great way to save time, money and even a few trees.

You need a South African fax number:
If you need a business or personal fax number for faxes that you need to receive from South African people living in South Africa, then this is a pretty good reason to get a fax to email number. When people send you faxes they will arrive as email attachments in your email inbox for viewing on your computer.

Access faxes via fax to email from anywhere in the world:
Faxes sent to your fax to email address will arrive in your email inbox no matter where you are in the world. All you need is access to the internet and your email address and an image viewer that would probably already be installed on your computer already! Move around South Africa or the world and get your faxes!

Privacy using fax to email:
If you are getting confidential faxes that you do not want printed out on a central office printer then fax to email is the way forward. Faxes arrive in your email inbox and providing you are not sharing the email address and that you have it secured you will be the only one with access to your faxes. You can then read the faxes off your screen when you are in private.

Don’t rush back to the office to get your faxes:
No longer do you need to rush back to your office to receive your fax to email documents. Simply log in to your email and receive your faxes on the road, all you need is you’re a computer, internet access and image software to open tif or pdf images!

Free up your landline:
Sick of sharing your fax machine and your phone line? Well then fax to email should be able to help you. Fax to Email uses you internet connection to get your faxes instead of your dedicated landline. This means you can talk on the phone and still receive faxes (if you have separate phone and internet connections)

No need to rent an additional dedicated fax landline:
Use your current internet connection to receive faxes via the internet instead of a traditional fax landline setup. You do not need to get another fax line to have a dedicated fax number. Get you faxes via email, via your internet connection.  

Inbound faxes are FREE of charge:
The sender who would usually pay to send you a fax, will pay the fee to send you your fax to email. They get charged at the going rate to send the faxes to you. You are not charged any fax rates to receive the fax!

086 Fax Numbers are National:
086 is a National dialing code within South Africa. You can therefore use your 086 fax to email fax number for people faxing you around the country or just in your local area. If you move cities they you will still be able to use your 086 fax to email number.

No setup or management fees:
There are no setup or management fees for using fax to email. Simply sign up in minutes and you will be allocated a fax to email number right away. You need to activate the fax to email number after signing up when you receive the email request to do so. It may take around two hours for the fax to email to be in working order.

Fax to email as a scanner:
You can use your fax to email number as a scanner. Simply fax yourself a copy of whatever document you need in digital format and you receive a copy in your email inbox. This is very simple, but convenient way to make a copy or digitize a fax that you would like to keep a copy of on your computer or forward to other people as an email attachment. Remember that you will be charged to send the fax at the going rate.

You do not need any special hardware or software:
If you already have a computer or internet access with email and an image viewer software, you should not need any additional hardware or software to use fax to email. You may need to install an image viewer (pdf/tif) to view your faxes, but most computers have this installed by default.

Handle faxes easily and efficiently:
There is no need to print each fax that arrives any longer, you can view your fax to email fax documents on your computer screen and decide whether or not to print that fax. You can also store the faxes on your computer, delete the faxes or forward the faxes with ease!

Print only the faxes that you need to:
gone are the days that you would have to print a fax to view it, with fax to email you can view the faxes that you receive on your computer. You can then decide whether or not the fax is worth printing or not. This helps save trees and is likely to save you money on printing, paper and toner costs.

Speedy and faster service:
Receiving faxes via fax to email is super fast and likely to be far faster than a traditional fax machine setup. Simply click the fax to email attachment once downloaded and it pops up on your screen! Fax to email is fast!

Get a fax to email number per employee:
You can get as many fax to email numbers as you like, so why not get a fax to email for your employees that need to get faxes sent to them. Receiving faxes at your own computer via email is far more efficient and effective than having to get up and fetch printed faxes from a fax machine. Minimum usage policies apply to keep the fax number.

Keep your fax number if you move office:
Fax to email numbers are linked to your email address and not to a phone or fix landline. This means that you can move to any address that you can receive your email and you will still get your faxes.

Change the email address that the fax gets sent to:
Should you need to change the address that you fax to email faxes are being sent to, it is possible to contact the support team and ask them to change it. This is useful, should you need a new person to handle your incoming faxes without having to give them your email address.

Better customer service:
Get a dedicated fax number per department so that faxes are received by the person or manger that would be able to help the client. For example you can direct all sales based faxes to the sales manager’s email address so that he can decide what to do with the faxes as they arrive.

Faxes as legal documents:
Some industries may still use fax documents for legal document requirements. Get your faxes via fax to email for legal document purposes.

Easy to use without training:
Most people that can use email and open attachments can use fax to email. All you need to know is how to use email and open attachments (tif / pdf).

Faxes in print better quality:
Use your office printer to print out the faxes that you do need copies of. Your office printer is likely to be much better than most fax machines of the past. Your faxes will then not only be better quality, but will in many cases be in a A4 easily manageable format, won’t fade and will be clearer.

No fax machine headaches needed:
Forget about having a fax machine and fax machine support crew to make sure it works. No more busy or engaged signal or out of paper, jamming problems either, use fax to email!

Save by printing only the faxes that you need:
You are therefore likely to save on, paper, toner, ink, fax maintenance, financing fax machines/ the cost of the fax machine, fax line rentals and more!

Fax to email is Green/Eco-Friendly:
Now that people are able to view their faxes on their computers via email, they are likely to only print the faxes that they need. This should reuse the amount of paper used to print faxes and may lead to fewer trees being cut down to make paper!

Suitable for most industries:
Fax to email is suitable for most businesses that need to receive faxes. Be it private or government sectors, fax to email should be able to add value to your service!

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