Fax to E-mail Efficiency

Fax to email is a great way for you to save time in fax management. Not only can you receive and read your faxes on your computer wherever you can get your email, but you can also quickly read them without having to print them and make decisions.

By having your fax to email with you “on the road” you will be able to store the faxes that you want on your computer or you can delete them, but you do not have to rush back to the office to check your faxes, you also will not have to call into the office and have someone try to read it to you.

Faxes come straight to your email super quickly without having to be printed, this means that you do not need to worry about there being fax paper in the fax machine. Just click on the attachment to view your faxes.

If the fax that you get via email needs to be sent to another person, you can simply forward the fax like you would any other attachment. You do not need to scan the fax and then send it on or re-fax it. You are able to maintain a better quality fax like this.

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