086 Fax2Email Number in South Africa

086 Fax2Email Number in South Africa - Get your 086 Fax to E-mail number FREE

If you would like to receive your faxes in your email inbox and save on paper, toner and fax machine running costs then why not get a free 086 Fax to email number today!

Simply complete the online form in minutes and you will be allocated a fax to email number free of charge.

Once you have activated your 086 fax to email number your faxes will arrive in your email inbox free of any costs to you, the sender pays the costs to send you the fax.

You keep you 086 fax number and can use it anywhere you can access your email.

Your 086 fax to email number faxes are private in that they don’t get printed out on an office fax machine, they are in your email inbox.

You can save the environment using your 086 fax 2 E-mail number by only printing out the faxes that you need to and leaving the rest in digital format on your computer.

You will also not need an extra phone/fax line for your 086 faxmail number as they are sent via the internet connection you already have for your email.

You may have as many 086 fax numbers as you like for your company although terms and conditions of use do apply.

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