Fax to Email Saving you the costs involved in receiving faxes.

Fax 2 Email – Saving you the costs involved in receiving faxes.
Fax 2 Email saves you on Fax Toner Costs
Since you will be receiving your faxes to your email address, you will not have to print them out in order to view them, you can simply view your faxes using a PDF viewer or Tiff viewer depending on the format of email fax attachment you get.  This means that you don’t have to print every one of the faxes using up fax toner in the process, but you can choose the ones that you would like copies of and print them out in high quality on your computers printer. You can keep the ones that you do not want to print out on disk or in your email inbox.

Fax 2 Email saves you on Fax Paper Costs
Since you are able to view your faxes digitally you will not need to print out every fax on fax paper. You can store the ones that you do not need to print on your PC after reading them and print only the faxes that you require hard copies of. You can also print your faxes on normal printer paper at higher quality that will last longer than the traditional fax roll paper would.  

Fax 2 Email saves you Fax machine Costs
There are no set up fees involved in setting up a free fax2email number, simply fill out the form in a few minutes and the faxes that are sent to your allocated number will not cost you anything. The sender pays the fee to send to your fax2email. You will therefore not require a fax machine in order to receive your faxes, you will also not need to install or pay for any fax software, fax training, all you need to know to operate fax2email is how to use email and open email attachments.  ( terms & conditions)

Fax 2 Email saves you on Phone/Fax Line Costs
You do not need to get an extra dedicated phone/fax line for your fax2email service, fax to email works via the internet, so you can use whatever connection you have in place to get your faxes. You will be able to get your faxes from any location that you have access to your email. Also, because you are not sharing your business phone land line with your fax machine, your clients won’t get the engaged tone when trying to send you faxes.

Fax 2 Email may save you money on sending fax costs
You can also forward your faxes to multiple email addresses. This means that you do not have to print out and resend the faxes again using a normal fax/phone line. Simply forward the emails to whoever you need to and save time and costs.

Fax2Email saves you costs if you move business locations
Since the fax2 email number is a virtual number that is allocated to your email address, it won’t matter where you move to. Your number will work from any location that you are able to access the internet. The only requirement is that you use the fax number at the minimum amount as per the  terms & conditions

Fax2Email allows for multiple uses and departments to receive faxes saving you multiple fax line costs.
You can get a fax2email number for all the departments in your business. All you need to do is setup an email account and sign up for a different number for each department. That way you can direct all your faxes to the correct people or departments, by using that email address to route the faxes.  terms & conditions

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