Fax to Email for Government Departments Free Fax2Email numbers

If you work or manage a department in the South Africa government and would like to improve the way incoming faxes are handled then why not try a FREE Fax to Email number?

Fax to Email is free to receive and will not cost you or your government department any money when faxes are received.

Faxes are private and will go straight to the email address inbox that is allocated to it. E.g. (accounts@gov.org.za) instead of it printing/rolling out in front of the entire office/department.

You won’t need to change department fax numbers should you move since the faxes will be sent to that email address and the faxes will be accessible anywhere that email can be retrieved.

Save money on paper and toner costs, only print out the faxes that you need copies of, the rest can be digitally stored or deleted after viewing on your computers.

Get as many fax numbers as you need for each department, all you need is a different email address per each fax number, you can have as many as you need.

You don’t need an additional fixed line per fax number, all you need is an internet connection and you can have as many fax numbers as you like.

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