Direct Fax to Email Efficiently

Preview all faxes and send them to the correct person

Fax to email is an easy way to handle your faxes and send them on to people other than you to deal with them. you may wish to view all the faxes that come into your business before you hand them onto your staff.  This way you will receive all the faxes preview them and then forward your fax 2 email faxes as email attachments to the correct person or department.

When a person sends you a fax the fax will be converted to an email attachment and forwarded to your own email address. This will then arrive into your email inbox. You can then view the faxes and determine if you would like to forward it and to whom you would like to send it to. Once you have viewed the fax and decided who to send it to, you can simply select the email addresses of the recipients and forward the fax to that/those staff members. You can keep a copy of the fax on your own machine, print the fax or delete the fax.

Fax to email direct to the correct department or person

If you would like to free up some of your own time and do not wish to preview each and every fax hat goes through your company then choose multiple fax to email numbers for each department or person that needs to get faxes sent to them.

In this situation you can signup as many free fax to email numbers as you need for each person or department. Give the necessary fax number for each person or department to the people that need to send you faxes. When they send the faxes the faxes will go straight to the person that needs to deal with the fax. The fax will arrive in their own email inbox and you will not have to preview each fax and forward it onto them. This can make your company more efficient as it eliminates the need to preview each fax, instead the faxes will go to the correct department or person's email address straight away.

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